Billy Graham says 'fences' against premarital sex set by God for protection

(Reuters/Robert Padgett)Evangelist Billy Graham with former U.S. presidents Jimmy Carter, George H.W. Bush, and Bill Clinton in 2007.

Renowned evangelist Billy Graham explained that God put "fences" around man's sexuality as protection from various forms of dangers.

In his column in The Kansas City Star last Wednesday, the influential pastor addressed an inquiry from a 16-year-old who asked why God would not allow people to engage in sexual activities outside marriage if He really wants them to enjoy their lives.

Graham responded in agreement, saying "Yes, God does want us to enjoy life," but stressed that that is the exact reason God put boundaries around sexuality, for men and women to enjoy a fruitful life away from perils. "Some of these are physical; almost every day we get emails and letters from people who are facing an unexpected pregnancy or a sexually transmitted disease. But many of the dangers are emotional and spiritual: guilt, conflict, depression and so forth," the respected evangelist noted.

Graham went on to explain that sex is meant by God to be shared between husbands and wives as an expression of their love for each other. The moment it is done outside marriage, it turns into something selfish and manipulative, an exact opposite of genuine love.

In a message delivered by Graham over six decades ago and was re-published by the Decision Magazine in 2015, the pastor warned that God's views toward sexual immorality has never and will never change. He said that God never changes and he is absolute and that "His wrath is going to explode upon those who are immoral and upon those who encourage others to indulge in immoral practices," he said in his message.

Graham also said that even though Christians have an obligation to stop sin from spreading, they have a higher calling of protecting the youth by bringing them before God to effectively solve the problem. "The disposition to sin is so overpowering that apart from the grace and power of God we cannot solve our problems. Unless God lifts us out of our sin, we will forever remain in it," he stated.

He ended his response to the teen inquirer by saying the latter is facing a greater decision involving who will the Lord of his life be, and encouraged a prayer of commitment and obedience.

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