MacBook Air 2017 release date, specs rumors, cancellation news: Apple to discontinue the MacBook Air?

The year 2017 could be the new age for computer technology as tech companies are expected to release new devices packed with never-before-seen features. Although several rumors circulated last month alone, Apple seems to be very discreet about its new devices.

(Apple)Next MacBook Air to arrive next year?

After a rather mundane 2016, it is no surprise why many users have high expectations about the actual hardware that will come out in the coming months.

Some sources say that although the tech giant remains secretive about its new projects, this has not prevented speculations from circulating on the Internet. Based on the recent stories, Apple will stop updating the 11-inch MacBook Air. If this is true, the Cupertino-based tech company might no longer continue producing its MackBook Air brand and focus on starting a new lineup of Mac computers for the coming years.

Other reports suggest that the advent of thinner and lighter MacBook Pro makes MacBook Air a less practical option for users. Hence, MacBook Air could simply be a low-cost option for consumers who are patiently waiting a bargain price of Apple's new devices.

Previous rumors claimed that the new MacBook Air is expected to debut in March 2017 alongside the iPad Pro 2. Rumor has it that the MacBook Air is much lighter and thinner compared to the latest design. Additionally, specs are also expected to improve, with onboard batteries, enhanced chassis and a cooling module, plus a USB Type-C connection.

Although there was a 2016 update for MacBook Air, it was not significant. However, this has prompted some people to expect a bigger update in 2017.

Others suggest that the 2017 lineup of Apple products will be interesting since the new devices are expected to feature the company's futuristic vision. New machines with the latest technology and practical design are expected to highlight the next generation of Apple lineup of devices.

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