'One Piece' episode 775 news, spoilers: Zunisha asks for help from the Straw Hat Pirates; Sanji rescue team formed

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"One Piece" episode 775 has yet to air, but that would not stop fans from getting too excited to know Zunisha's fate as well as Jack and his pirate crew's. After discovering about the existence of the giant elephant carrying the entire Zou Island on its back, The Straw Hat Pirates are now set to help recover Sanji from his captors as they set their sails to Whole Cake Island, Big Mom's Stronghold.

In the last episode, the humongous elephant was on the verge of collapsing as Jack and his fleet continuously strike the creature with their cannons. The animal's pain and discomfort caused earthquakes throughout the whole island. Even though Zunishi is capable of fending off the enemies, he needs Momonosuke's order to take action.

Zunishi, later on, destroyed the enemy's fleet in a single swipe even when under great suffering. Now, "One Piece" episode 775 will focus on Zunisha's condition after the creature was severely injured in Jack's attacks.

Games & Anime reports that Chopper would play a significant role in Zunisha's recovery. He will combine Sakura Kingdom's scientific knowledge and Torino Kingdom's pharmacological knowledge to speed up the giant's recovery.

Unaware of the upcoming heave of Kaido, the Straw Hat Pirates together with the men of Wano and the Minks will cooperate in the next episode to help heal Zunishi. It is expected that the giant elephant will have full recovery at the end of episode 775, according to iTech Post.

In addition to the upcoming episode, chapter 882 of the "One Piece" manga version reveals that the Straw Hat pirates together with their alliance will separate into four groups. Each team will then find more recruits to their army. The alliance will also form a separate team to rescue Sanji against his captors, and a new set of adventure to Whole Cake Island will begin.

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