U.S. Immigration Reform 2016 news: Educators want to make sure schools are safe place as deportation efforts escalate

(Reuters/Aaron P. Bernstein)Educators reiterate public schools are "safe zones" for everyone, even for immigrants.

One of the hot topics after President-elect Donald Trump won the U.S. elections is the imminent immigration reform. As deportation efforts have been reportedly escalating, educators from various counties are concerned and want to make sure that schools remain a safe haven for students amid the looming drastic changes.

Earlier this month, Kevin Maxwell, head of public schools in Prince George County, Maryland wrote a letter expressing his concern for the possible growth of fear among children in relation to the immigration reform, The Washington Post reported.

According to the report, Maxwell is concerned that more students will skip classes out of fear from the increased efforts of the feds to enforce arrests for deportation. The public schools chief reportedly instructed school principals and staff to provide necessary advice to affected families about the federal policy on immigration and the reform that a new administration entails.

The Washington Post quoted Maxwell's letter, "The most important action you and your staff can take is reiterate that Prince George's County Public Schools will continue to be safe places where students and families will be welcome without fear of harm."

Maxwell's action is one of the several school officials' moves to declare that schools must be a safe place for everyone amid immigration reforms. Last Dec. 13, the Minneapolis Board of Education came up with a unanimous vote to declare the city's public schools as a safe place for everyone even to immigrants.

Last month, the Los Angeles education board also reiterated that the schools of the city are "safe zones" and to not allow Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents to enter school premises unless permitted by the superintendent and the district's lawyers. The board also emphasized their policy to protect the information and identities of immigrant students and their families.

Since the Presidential campaign period, Trump has been known for strongly advocating an exclusive America. He has been criticized for his plan of building a wall to separate the U.S. territory from Mexico.

Trump will assume office in January.

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