• u-s-navy-member-with-bible

    Atheist group succeeds in removing Bibles from US Navy guest rooms

  • buddhist-devotees-in-yangoon

    Canadian deported from Myanmar because of offensive Buddhist tattoo

  • bahai-religious-community

    Indonesian government recognizes Baha'i faith as a religion

  • u-s-president-barack-obama-prays

    Christian women ordered to stop praying inside US shopping mall

  • muslim-protest-against-israel-in-germany

    Politicians pressure German newspaper for opinion piece denouncing Islam

  • signs-in-support-of-atheism-at-u-s-army-base

    American atheists launch first Atheist TV channel

  • dalai-lama

    Nepal backtracks to allow burial of Tibetan Buddhist Shamar Rinpoche

  • scotland-independence-vote

    If Scotland secedes from UK, or stays, interfaith group to support communities

  • meriam-yahya-ibrahim-in-rome

    Sudanese Meriam Ibrahim who refused to renounce faith meets Pope Francis

  • bahraini-protestors

    Bahrain government disbands country's largest religious group

  • pro-lgbt-rally-in-singapore

    Gay-themed children's books in Singapore escape pulping

  • archbishop-of-sherbrooke-luc-cyr

    Canadians apathetic rather than hostile to organized religion, survey reveals

  • image-of-mary

    Facebook spurs Philippines' Marian devotion

  • billboard-sponsored-by-american-atheists

    Atheist to lead invocation in New York state town of Greece