• pope-francis-first-angelus-prayer

    Pope Francis first Angelus' prayer [Full Text]

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    Forgiveness is theme at Pope's first Sunday blessing

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    Pope Francis photos: 10 first-ever moments

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    Yes 2 Women Bishops want focus on female opportunities

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    Historic - Ecumenical Patriarch to attend Pope's inaugural mass

  • Methodists encouraged to lead in blood, organ donations

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    WCC Latin leader hopeful pope will help deepen ecumenical dialogue

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    Pope Francis leads different style of papacy than Benedict

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    U.S. Lutheran seminaries under stress urged to work together

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    Reactions to the election of Pope Francis I

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    What election of Pope Francis means to other Christians

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    Pope Francis' First Message: 'Pray for Me' [Full text]

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    Jorge Mario Bergoglio now Pope Francis I leading 1.2 billion Catholics

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    Black smoke signals cardinals still searching for new pope