• wcc-mission-and-evangelism-conference

    WCC Looks Beyond Its Churches for 2013 Mission, Evangelism Declaration

  • pc-usa

    Churches Continue Exodus From PCUSA

  • Lutherans Discuss Global Poverty With Pope

  • church-201202201

    Methodists Continue Alcohol-Free Lenten Campaign

  • Presbyterians Move Towards Eliminating Synods

  • Lutheran Head Supports Syrian Church Leaders' Call for Peace

  • 01192012-church

    Worldwide Prayer Week for Christian Unity Begins

  • 01172012-church

    Gay Bishop Looking to Sue CofE for Discrimination

  • NCC to Appoint Interim General Secretary

  • 01162012-church

    Christian Unity Prayer Week Approaches

  • church-2011030501

    Orthodox Ministers Discuss Ecclesiology

  • church-2011022801

    PC(USA) Moving Towards Accepting Gay Clergy

  • church-2011022301

    WCC Chooses Justice and Peace for 2013 Assembly Theme

  • church-2011020901

    NCC and Chinese Church Reaffirm Ties