• anti-mohamed-mursi-protests-in-tahrir-square-in-cairo-june-30th-2013

    UN chief 'alarmed' as death sentence is handed down to 683 people at mass trial in Egypt

  • israeli-arab-christian-boy-scouts

    Israel encouraging more Christians to join military service

  • syrian-president-bashar-al-assad

    Syria's Assad pays Easter visit to recaptured Christian town

  • islamic-front-fighter-in-syrian-church

    Syrian army seizes ancient Christian town near Lebanese border

  • venezuelas-president-nicolas-maduro

    Venezuela's Maduro meets opposition as death toll from protests rises

  • nicolas-maduro-hector-timerman

    Venezuela government and foes talk; Vatican to mediate

  • quebec-liberal-leader-philippe-couillard

    Quebec separatists lose election, referendum avoided

  • india-election

    Muslim leader endorses ruling party as religion rises in India election

  • philippines-president-benigno-aquino

    Philippines, Muslim rebels sign final peace deal to end conflict

  • venezuela-protests

    Vatican says it is willing to act as Venezuela mediator

  • lebanese-army

    Lebanese militant leader calls for Sunnis to defect from army

  • kenyan-church

    Gunmen kill six in attack on Kenyan church

  • serbian-chetnik-paramilitary

    Serbian paramilitaries join pro-Russian forces in Crimea

  • ecumenical-patriarch-bartholomew-i

    Orthodox Patriarchs urge peace in Ukraine, agree on council