• UK Celebrates 60 Years of Queen Elizabeth on the Throne

  • world-2012020201

    African Church Leaders Meet to Discuss Peace and Security

  • world-2012013001

    CofE Cleric Says Govt. Has No Right to Redefine Marriage

  • Anglican Archbishop Remembers Holocaust

  • Police Station Raid Marks Latest Nigerian Violence

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    Ecumenicals Call Tanzanian Government for More Transparency

  • Nigeria Bombings Claim Over 143 Lives

  • saad-el-katatni

    Christians Wary About Muslim Brotherhood Leadership in Egypt

  • Escalation of Religious Persecution in Iran Addressed in UK Parliament

  • Ecumenicals Urge NATO to Withdraw US Nukes from Europe

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    Ecumenicals Focus on Water and Just Peace for Lent

  • Pakistani Christians Bury Slain Minister

  • Pakistani Minister's Murder Receives Widespread Condemnation

  • Violence in Libya Widely Condemned