Asian Churches Aim to Strengthen Movement for Food Justice

(Photo Credit: Marie Ange Sylvain-Holmgren)Threshing by hand.

Participants from churches across Asia are expected to attend a workshop in late November in the Philippines with the aim of consolidating a church-based movement for food justice.

The Ecumenical Advocacy Alliance announced on Tuesday that the event is taking place in Manila from November 25-29 with the purpose of building on existing capacities of churches in articulating a common vision for food justice in the region.

The workshop will also allow participants to develop specific work plans and strategies at national, regional and international levels, and strengthen networks for mutual support in campaigning against poverty and food insecurity in the region.

Three keynote presentations will frame theological foundations and challenges for food justice, the EAA said.

The event is being organized by the EAA and the National Council of Churches in the Philippines. Workshop participants are expected from India, Thailand, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Myanmar, Cambodia, the Philippines, Sri Lanka and Hong Kong.

Workshop sessions will document existing actions and experience of churches and partners that can be further enhanced. Field visits will demonstrate practical agricultural methods that increase yields while being financially and environmentally sustainable for small-scale food producers.

Participants will also learn from peers through case studies from the region.

The workshop is open to registered participants only.

Registration information can be found in the EAA announcement page.

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