Google may be looking to the Bible for unifying app Babel

(Photo: Google Art Project)Pieter Bruegel the Elder's The Tower of Babel (Vienna).

In the biblical story of "The Tower of Babel" found in Genesis 11, the world was united under one language.

Collectively, the world decided to build a tower to heaven at Babel, so they could make a name for themselves.

The place was called "Babel" because in Hebrew the word babel can be interpreted as confusion.

The Lord sees what the people are trying to do and confuses their language. The people were then scattered throughout the world, producing the many languages and cultures of today.

Google is rumored to be drawing inspiration from this Biblical tale of communication in its latest endeavor to create a better user experience.

At the moment, Google's messaging is like the separated people from Babel in that it exists in multiple platforms such as Google Voice, Google Talk, and Google Messenger. Google's Babel will try to unify the apps into one entity.

The app is said to include the following features:

  •       Access the same conversation list from anywhere
  •      A new, conversation-based user interface
  •      Advanced group conversations
  •      Ability to send picturesImproved notifications across devices

In addition to unifying its messaging platforms, Babel is an attempt to unify messaging between different mobile platforms. It will allow Apple's iOS and Android users the capabilities to chat within Babel in a fashion similar to the iPhone's iMessage function.

Allegedly, the application is currently being tested internally through iOS, Android, Chrome, Google , and Gmail.

Since there hasn't been direct word from Google regarding the development of the app or the app's name, there is speculation that the name Babel may be a working title.

Coincidently, there is an downloadable app on Google Play created by Playlink with the same name that allows the user to chat internationally.

Besides the biblical implications of the title, Babel could also be a reference to the movie starring Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett in which four interrelated stories are connected through a phone call.

As of today, a launch date for the app is uncertain, though a report from Good E-Reader suggests that an announcement will be made during Google's I/O Conference in May.

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