Occupy Faith March in London to Start at St. Paul's Cathedral

(Photo Credit: Michiel Jelijs/Flickr)A view of St. Paul's Cathedral in London is seen on April 26, 2011.

An interfaith group called has announced it will kick off a march against economic injustice from the steps of St. Paul's cathedral this summer, with the permission of church officials, a move just months removed from a clash between protesters and clergy.

A group of leaders from various faiths met at St. Paul's Cathedral on Tuesday to announce the 62-mile march, set to start on June 7, ending on June 20 at Canterbury Cathedral.

Spokesmen for Church of England, St. Paul's and Canterbury Cathedral did not endorse the march but acknowledged the group's call for social justice, according to the Guardian.

Last year, protesters against economic injustice camped out in front of St. Paul's for months, triggering divisions within the church about how to react.

A spokesman for the Church of England said there was "a wide range of views among church members about these issues."

"Not all may necessarily agree with Occupy's methods, but that movement has certainly raised important questions which go to the heart of the Church's engagement with society."

Groups participating in the march will include members of the Anglican, Catholic, Methodist, Quaker and Methodist churches, along with others from the Buddhist, Jewish, Muslim, and Sikh faiths.

Anti-poverty advocate Rev. Paul Nicholson, who chairs ecumenical charity Zacchaeus 2000 Trust, is linking his participation in the march to an ongoing are of focus for his charity: Housing.

"Any Colombian drug baron can put laundered money into London property while Londoners are squeezed out of their homes into uncertainty, debt and who knows where. We want that to stop," he said, according to Switzerland-based Ecumenical News International.

The trust is campaigning to keep housing rents stable in London as investment in property in the city increases.

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