'American Horror Story' season 7 spoilers: 'Scream Queens' star Billie Lourd joins cast

(Twitter/AHSFX)"American Horror Story" season 7 teaser screenshot from Twitter

There is not much news about "American Horror Story" season 7. One thing is for sure, though, "Scream Queens" star Billie Lourd is heading to the upcoming season of the hit FX show.

Lourd, who plays the character of Chanel number 3 in "Scream Queens," was recently tapped to join the American anthology horror story series' cast as it returns to small screens for a seventh season, according to Deadline. Will a crossover happen? Or will she play a new character?

Lourd's character is still being kept under wraps. However, a crossover between "Scream Queens" and "American Horror Story" sounds good, right? It might be great for the "American Horror Story" fans to see "Scream Queens" Chanel Number 3 in season 7. It will probably bring in more viewers. On top of that, the shows have the same producer — Ryan Murphy.

Lourd playing a new character would be a good idea as well. If the "American Horror Story's" production team will let her take on a new role in its upcoming season, then it would be a great platform for her to showcase more of her talents. Then again, "American Horror Story" has not revealed anything more about it yet.

Moreover, fans know that Lourd is one of "Scream Queens" headliners. With news circulating that she will head to "American Horror Story," fans might be wondering if this is a sign that "Scream Queens" will not return for a new season.

Well, earlier this year, reports say that Fox's co-chairman and CEO Gary Newman and president David Madden said that they have not decided yet as to whether they will renew "Scream Queens" for a third installation or not. Speculations also say that there is a possibility that "Scream Queens" might get a third season.

The date for "American Horror Story" season 7's premiere has not been announced.

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