'Aquaman' movie updates: Jason Momoa-starrer gets a new release date, to take on animated 'Spider-Man'

(Facebook/Jason Momoa-The Man)Jason Momoa's "Aquaman" now has a December 21, 2018 release date.

After it was thought to arrive in October next year, "Aquaman" will not make it to its release date as Warner Bros has moved its showing to December 2018, taking the slot vacated by "Avatar 2," which, for the third time, has delayed its arrival.

To recall, "Aquaman" was originally slated to arrive in July next year until its release was eventually pushed to October 2018. While fans thought that there was no more stopping the Jason Momoa-starrer from hitting the theaters, it has recently been reported that Warner Bros. has decided to delay the showing date of "Aquaman" once more as it will now occupy the slot originally booked for "Avatar 2," which James Cameron recently confirmed to be further delayed.

While Warner Bros. has not released an explanation as to why it is delaying the release of "Aquaman," Screen Rant suspects that it has something to do with the advantage that comes with a December playdate. After all, a pre-holiday release has proven to spell magic at the box office as exhibited by "Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens," "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story," "Lord of the Rings," "Avatar," and many more.

On the other hand, some suspect that the reason why "Aquaman" is being delayed is that James Wan, the director of the upcoming Warner Bros. and DC movie, may still not be settled on where to shoot the movie. After all, the director posted on his Instagram some days ago photos of tropical locations and captioned them with the words "location scouting."

If things go as planned, the Dec. 21, 2018 playdate will feature for the first time DC and Marvel having a showdown of force at the box-office as it has been learned that Sony will be releasing an animated "Spider-Man" movie on the said date, too.

Meanwhile, as "Aquaman" takes the slot of "Avatar 2," its Oct. 5, 2018 release date is now said to be taken by a Spider-Man spin-off movie, "Venom," which Sony Pictures will produce.

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