Archbishop of Canterbury Receives Interfaith Award

Lord Hameed, Archbishop of Canterbury, Edward Kessler, Lord Woolf in a photo after the award presentation. (Photo: Lambeth Palace)

The Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams received an award on Tuesday for his "commitment to addressing contemporary cultural and inter faith issues."

The "Building Bridges" award was presented to Williams at a fundraising dinner for the Woolf Institute of Abrahamic Faiths, a British institution dedicated to research in dialogue between Jews, Christians and Muslims.

Upon receiving the award, Williams said: "The work of the Woolf Institute is a particularly important example of the sort of co-operation urgently needed for the sake of understanding and reconciliation in our world, and its innovative and courageous initiatives deserve the widest support. I am delighted and very much honored to receive this award and do so on behalf of all those who have made possible the various inter faith encounters of recent years in which I have shared – especially my dedicated staff and colleagues. I wish the Institute every blessing and success in its work."

Dr Edward Kessler, Executive Director of the Woolf Institute noted, "The values of shared citizenship, tolerance and respect between those of all faiths are a long way from being met in our society. The urgency of our work increases. But in figures like the Archbishop, we have hope."

"Since becoming Archbishop, Dr Williams has shown a real commitment to addressing contemporary cultural and inter faith issues including his 'Presence and Engagement' program which helps parishes and dioceses to engage with other faith communities, and the 'Building Bridges' seminars, that bring together Christian and Muslim scholars from across the world," he continued.

"It is a privilege to be able to honor and thank him in this way."

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