Archbishop of Canterbury's Question for Rio 20: What Kind of World Do We Leave Our Children?

(Photo Credit: Archbishop of Canterbury)Archbishop of Canterbury Dr. Rowan Williams visits Argyle Primary Schoo in Camden, England to take part in the school's Poetry Week on January 18, 2012.

Dr. Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury posed a question to participants in next weeks' Rio 20 sustainability conference asking "what kind of world do we want to leave our children?"

He says the answers "in a way, are quite simple," noting people want no pollution, access to clean water and secure food supplies and as well as sustainable agriculture and development.

But he said just as importantly, it's a question of habits and what kind of lifestyle to be left to our children and skills for them to develop in living sustainably in the world.

He noted the importance of starting small and local.

"Big changes come because small changes happen," he said.

He mentioned the development of local projects that have helped people to emerge from subsistence agriculture to sustainable production of food for themselves.

He also said governments needed to give fiscal incentives to green development that will reduce waste globally, adding that people need to collaborate and support governments in that vision.

"Are we handing on a gift, both material and spiritual, that really will make them live well, live happily, so that their future will be secure and they too will have a gift to give to their children and grandchildren in turn?"

See the Archbishop's video message below:

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