'Attack on Titan' Season 2 could arrive in 2015, Two film adaptations in the works

(Photo: Wit Studios Official Website)Screenshot: Attack of Titan

Wit Studios has already downplayed rumors of 'Attack on Titan' Season 2 being released this year.

"The manga comic the anime is based on is still ongoing, and all of us on the staff are following and loving it," the studio head Joji Wada gushed.

"Eventually, we definitely want to do a sequel. This year, though, we've got our hands full producing an anime that will be bundled in a limited edition of the Attack on Titan manga, which tells a different sort of story than what we did in the TV series."

A Philippine-based news outlet, GMA Network was the first to report that Attack on Titan Season 2 will be aired on July 26.

That day has passed, however, and no second season of the series is to be seen.

While Wit Studios has yet to confirm any details regarding Attack on Titan Season 2, there are two things about this hit manga that sit on solid ground.

According to iDigital Times, there will be two live-action film adaptation of the series and Haruma Miura was casted to play the lead role.

Crunchyroll has the full list of the cast, director and scriptwriter of the movie for Japan release.

The movie will be directed by Shinji Higuchi and will be developed and distributed by Japanese film production company Toho.

Funimation has also announced the dub cast members of the film adaptation that will be released in the United States.

Outside of the movie and manga circle, Attack on Titan will also be the newest addition to Universal Studios Japan (USJ).

USJ has struggled to step out of the shadows of other theme parks giants in the country, such as Tokyo Disneyland and Disney Sea.

They are hoping that new attractions, which include Attack on Titan and Evangelion will give them the boost they need.

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