'Bates Motel' Season 3 spoilers: Norma nears breaking down over son Norman's issues


White Pine Bay is a mysterious place replete with drama. The agonizing story of the tumultuous relationship between Norman and Norma  continues in season three's finale episode.

Last week saw the return of Bradley, Norman and Romero almost ending up kissing each other, and Norma's appearance towards the end of episode nine. It's no secret that Norman's psychological issues are continuing to affect his mother adversely. In episode 10, Norma appears to have finally reached the point of breaking down. TVGuide's official episode description teases that Norma hits a breaking point with her son's pressing issues. Emma will show a surprising reaction to a seemingly positive news, while Sheriff Romero seals his fate in the town by finally picking sides. Moreover, Caleb will make a decision that will uproot him from his new life.

Norman Bates' hallucinations are getting worse and fans have been seeing his numerous hallucinations ever since season one's finale episode. It's only a matter of time before he becomes the Norman he is known for in Hitchcock's movie "Psycho". It had been announced earlier that "Bates Motel" will run for only five seasons. So viewers will soon see the teenaged boy transform fully into his murderous and psychologically afflicted serial killer self.

However, most fans are wondering why Romero and Norma didn't kiss in the physically violent scene where she beat him and released her sexual frustration. It was the right moment for a passionate kiss, but it never happened. Actress Vera Farmiga, actor Nestor Carbonell and executive producer Kerry Ehrin spoke to TVLine regarding the kiss that should have happened, but didn't. Ehrin said, "They still have huge trust issues. And they're just starting to peel away a little bit of that. With two people like this, when they finally do cross that line, it's going to be so f—ing (amazing)...it makes me cry just thinking about it."

Vera also explained the dynamics by saying, "These characters are like positively ignited ions. They repel and they attract."

The finale airs on Monday, May 11 at 9 p.m. ET on A&E.

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