'Battlefield 5' release date still not confirmed by DICE; 'Mirror's Edge: Catalyst' trailer out instead

(PHOTO: Battlefield)A cinematic screenshot of Battlefield 4 Final Stand DLC gameplay.

Fans of the "Battlefield 5" may have to wait a bit longer since there is still no announcement on its official release date.

There is still no word from DICE as to when the much-anticipated first-person shooter game, "Battlefield 5," will be released. Fresh from last week's disappointment of expecting the release of the game's trailer, fans would have to sit back and wait before marking their calendars.

A lot of gamers had high expectations when Randy Evans, DICE senior video media director, announced in a tweet that a big trailer will come out last week. The announcement was even amplified with the line: "people don't even know what's coming."

The hopeful fans assumed—and perhaps, wanted—that what Evans meant was a "Battlefield 5" trailer. Unfortunately, their expectation was not met. It became the lucky day for "Mirror's Edge: Catalyst," since the said trailer was for its newest installment.

Previous reports have said that before the game's last chapter, "Battlefield Hardline," approaches its first anniversary, a DLC is slated to come out. Since year one of the said game is on March, gamers hope that is likely to release very soon.

2016 is also what Electronic Arts chief financial officer Blake Jorgensen announced to be the year for the expected arrival of the newest Battlefield. Even DICE development director Dan Vaderlind released a statement that he is eyeing on the "Battlefield 5" after the release of "Star Wars: Battlefront."

"Mirror's Edge: Catalyst," on the other hand, has started their wheels in motion with the closed beta test last week. Previously scheduled for a Feb. 23 launch, the game will come out instead on May 24 for gaming platforms PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Based on the released trailer, it hints an origin story for the young heroic messenger Faith who will battle against Gabriel Kruger. 

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