'Battlefield Hardline' news: Upcoming DLC for the game will feature swords

(Battlefield/Hardline)Hardline: Betrayal

With the game "Battlefield Hardline" due to get a DLC in March, the features that would be included in it were recently teased by the game's developer. In the teaser, many were surprised when a medieval weapon took the center stage.

Reporting on the arrival of the DLC for "Battlefield Hardline," which has been named "Battlefield Hardline: Betrayal," Polygon states that the sword becomes very important for police operations in it. However, it appears that not only will the police be able to stab and run their opponents through with swords, but so will the robbers. With swords becoming an important feature in the upcoming DLC, it is likely that many duels will be erupting in the streets between cops and robbers. Even though sword fighting does appeal to many gamers, it is unlikely that in this particular scenario it will draw much interest.

Other details about the DLC coming in March hinted that there would be new vehicles offered in it along with assignments. Thankfully, there are six other weapons that will be included in the DLC, and gamers can take some consolation from that and the four new maps. Also, the names of the maps show that they will be based in areas connected with a Cemetery, Alcatraz, Chinatown and Thin Ice. Coming to vehicles, there are going to be two new ones on offer along with customizations for weapons and uniforms.

Along with the "Battlefield Hardline: Betrayal" DLC will come an update for the main game and this will result in around 11 weapons being added to it along with server presets. Even as news about the DLC began hitting the Internet, there was skepticism on whether it would be able to increase the popularity of the game, which, according to VG247, currently has more players on the PlayStation 3 than the PC. There are also indications that the game will not be able to pick up more players on the PC even after the DLC releases.

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