Best Huawei Mate 8 tips and tricks

(Huawei)Huawei Mate 8

With the Mate 8, the Huawei has once again indicated that it is serious about creating top notch devices with metal bodies. However, the device also comes with many great tips and tricks which help it take on other leading smartphones and here are some of them.

Using the fingerprint scanner for quick unlocking

Before users start using the fingerprint scanner on the Mate 8, they need to navigate to Settings > Fingerprint ID > Fingerprint management and create a PIN or Password, then they can select a new fingerprint. Once this is done, users can use the accurate fingerprint scanner on the rear panel of the smartphone to unlock the device and then, they will easily get to bypass the lock screen and won't have to put in a password or PIN.

Take a smart screenshot

With the Mate 8, users can take a screenshot by simply knocking on the display twice. To set up this feature navigate to Settings > Smart Assistance and in the Motion control section, select Smart Screenshot.

Run two apps in split screen mode

By knocking the screen of the Mate 8 with their knuckles and then positioning the line at a suitable area, users can easily see two apps running on the screen. However, they need to set up the feature before using it by going to Settings – Smart Assistance and turning on the Dual Windows Gesture in the Motion Control section.

Make animations faster

With the Kirin 950 chipset onboard, the Mate 8 is one of the fastest Android devices in the market. However, it runs on the Android Marshmallow operating system and so animations can become quite slow. To speed up the animations users can navigate to the Settings > About phone and then select the build number. After this, in Developer options, users can select Adjust Windows animation > Transition animation and finally, set the Animaton duration by turning it off or selecting the .5x option.

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