Bones season 10 spoilers: Show might abandon usual 'serial killer' storyline


According to the show's producer, Bones season 10 will have a shift in themes, as they will depart from the usual serial killer story line.

Season 10 of Bones will soon hit the small screen, and unlike other series which stitch all upcoming seasons to the plots they have established since the beginning, Bones will take on a new direction. According to the show's producer, Stephen Nathan, the next season won't dwell on the usual 'serial killer' hunt, and this is due to Agent Booth's (David Boreanaz) painful ordeal at the end of season 9.

"The pain of their separation as well as the uncertainty of how this is going to play out is really how we wanted to leave the audience because it does a few things for us," said Nathan in an interview with TVLine. Nathan revealed that the shift of focus will be on conspiracy theories, hoping that the viewers will have more insight as to how the FBI is portrayed on television.

"We wanted Booth and Brennan and the audience hanging in sort of a rage of uncertainty" because they have always been able to trust the FBI... It confirms this relationship which everybody has invested in and it solidifies that even more," continued the show runner in the same interview.

Nathan went on to reveal that the first few episodes of Bones season 10 will deal with a lot of "baggage," particularly how Agent Booth will deal with the things that he has to face not only with his career, but with his personal life as well.

"...but with the determination of Brennan and Booth and the squints to draw this very painful and ugly chapter to a close," further stated the producer in the same TVLine interview.

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