Bones season 10: Emotions high as Booth and Brennan both on rocky ground


The season 10 of long-running Fox series, Bones, is just around the corner, and the future of Agents Temperance Brennan and Seeley Both might be in jeopardy when the show comes back.

The show's creator, Stephan Nathan, talked to Give My Remote, and hinted that season 10 will begin right where the last season ended. For fans who have seen the episode, Agent Booth is in prison. Nathan says that Booth will await trial for the murder of the FBI agents.

As expected, Brennan and her colleagues are in a quest to find out what really happened in hopes of setting Booth free.

"They realize there's now more to those conspiracy theories than we initially thought. So we will be coming back with a person who has for the first time realized their vulnerability. Which gives Booth and Brennan a chance to get to the bottom of what's happening," added the creator in the same interview.

The show's star, Emily Deschanel, reveals that emotions aren't the only factors in Booth and Brennan's survival as a couple. Since their jobs are demanding, not to mention very dangerous, the two could face challenges that will ultimately test them as lovers and as detectives at the same time.

"It changes everything for a while. Not only Booth and Brennan, between them, but also between kind of everything, Booth's job, possibly Brennan's job," Deschanel was quoted saying.

With what the two has gone through in all 9 seasons as partners professionally, whatever the two face will surely result to something that will satisfy the fans.

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