Boston Celtics trade rumors 2016: Can an old ploy help Danny Ainge sign Kevin Durant?

(Reuters/Bill Waugh)Oklahoma City Thunder forward Kevin Durant looks up at the scoreboard against the New York Knicks late is the fourth quarter of their... Bill Waugh / Reuters April 12, 2013 09:40pm EDT

The Boston Celtics have been eliminated from the NBA playoffs and now the focus redirects to the offseason. Like most teams, Danny Ainge and his Celtics are hoping to do good in the Kevin Durant sweepstakes, even with not so bright chances.

Snagging Durant will not be easy. One reason is that multiple teams are thinking the same way. And then there is also the fact that Durant may need more than money to lure him out of Oklahoma City. Making matters worse, any team may kiss their hopes with Durant goodbye if the Thunder are able to make it to the NBA Finals.

Regardless, Durant is likely weighing his options on teams that will court him. One thing that he'll probably be looking at is the current state of the teams, meaning the rebuilding ones may be out of the running. Durant made it clear that he wants to win an NBA title immediately and getting on a rebuilding team will mean he will have to wait.

While he is an obvious franchise player wherever he may land, the fact remains that Durant needs help on any team. He knows he cannot do it alone, meaning a partner perhaps in the same caliber of Russell Westbrook could be needed.

For the Celtics, the scenario is not that different from the time they got Kevin Garnett on board. KG was adamant at first with no help on the team, but all that changed when Ainge was able to sign up shooter Ray Allen.

Together with Paul Pierce and Rajon Rondo, everyone knows how that core made a big difference for the Celtics, resulting in an NBA title in 2008.

One player who Ainge is considering is Jimmy Butler of the Chicago Bulls. Butler has been mentioned as possibly being up for trading, though achieving that will be a bit complex. Butler just got a fresh lease last year, meaning the Celtics will have to deal big to snag Butler from Chicago.

If so, could this be enough to convince Durant to sign up?

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