Chicago Bulls rumors: the moves that could help this team

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As far as the Chicago Bulls are concerned, they have had a relatively quiet off-season.

Outside of the needed change in the coaching, replacing Tom Thibodeau with a young upstart in Fred Hoiberg, there are no real big deals that the Bulls have been involved in.

They made the moves that they needed, that included retaining Jimmy Butler who was one of their best players in the year.

Furthermore, they kept their perimeter shooting available by re-signing Mike Dunleavy, Jr. to a three-year deal which does not really hurt their cap.

And in the event that Derrick Rose will not be available due to unforseen circumstances, the re-signing of Aaron Brooks is a positive move to say the least.

Now, the question that remains is whether those relatively safe moves are enough to keep them relevant in the Eastern Conference.

It is common knowledge that the Western Conference is simply too strong on paper. However, the recent emergence of teams in the East like the Bulls, Washington Wizards, Atlanta Hawks and Cleveland Cavaliers are helping the East get the recognition it has longed for.

And with the Bulls in the conversation, they must ensure that they are at pace with the others or risk being left behind in the process.

Now what are possible movements that can be made to help the team?

There have been suggestions or rumors that link Taj Gibson to a move away from Illinois. Gibson has been one of the most recognizable faces in the team but has steadily lost his playing time since the arrival of Pau Gasol and the emergence of players like Butler and Tony Snell.

He could be used for a trade to help the team get younger role players who could better fit the system Hoiberg is trying to introduce.

Joakim Noah was once known as a defense specialist, but recent injuries have slowed him down and last season, he seemed to be ineffective when the Bulls needed interior defense the most. While he can still surely attract other teams with his past play, getting him for his full potential may be difficult to say the least.

There are a few things that the Bulls can do to make their squad better without trading players and having movement. Change is constant in the NBA and the Bulls should be able to try and get some in their team if they want to overcome the hump and reach the next level.

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