'Doctor Who' on Amazon Prime 2016: Twitter post announcement deleted

Will "Doctor Who" be available on Amazon Prime or not? Fans are left confused after Amazon posted on social media that the British TV series is part of their roster for March, only to be taken down afterwards.

(Neil Hall / Reuters)"Doctor Who" lead actor Peter Capaldi at the "World War Z" premiere in London last June 2, 2013.

At the start of February, both streaming services Netflix and Hulu have removed the highly popular science fiction series from their platforms. Fortunately, Amazon fell like an angel from the sky when it announced via Twitter on Monday, Feb. 22, that "Doctor Who" will be streaming on Prime starting on March 1.

The tweet, retrieved from Nerdist, reads: "Want to know the future? Now you can! Here's what's coming to #PrimeVideo in March. #Bosch #DrWho." A video link was also included in the tweet. However, the said tweet was later deleted without any explanation why. In the recently released list of shows for March, "Doctor Who" was also noticeably absent.

Fans are now wondering if the series will really come out on Amazon Prime or not. Some suggest that Amazon may have announced the news prematurely, meaning the deal between Amazon and BBC have not yet been finalized.

There were also rumors that the reason why the series was pulled out from Netflix and Hulu is because BBC is planning to put it on its own paid streaming service.

"Doctor Who" has been on and off BBC since 1963. The cult classic revolves around the adventures of the Time Lord named "The Doctor" who left his home planet Gallifrey via a time machine that allows him to travel across time and space.

He usually travels with humans on Earth and makes it his mission to fight evil forces from harming innocent ones as well as changing the history. He is capable of regenerating. Thus, he takes on a new appearance and personality.

There are already 12 actors who played as The Doctor. Currently, the actor who plays the title character of "Doctor Who" is Peter Capaldi.

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