'Dragon Ball Super' episode 63 spoilers: Vegeta to fight Black Goku

(Facebook/Dragon Ball Super)"Dragon Ball Super" episode 62 is said to feature Vegeta challenging Black Goku.

Things will continue to be action-packed when "Dragon Ball Super" episode 63 airs as it is said that the upcoming episode of the anime series will continue following the fight between Black Goku and Vegeta.

According to reports, the upcoming episode 63 will pick up from where episode 62 left off. To recap, the previous episode of the anime series featured Trunks left fighting Zamasu and Black Goku alone as Goku and Vegeta traveled back to the past, in order to learn how to use the Mafuba. Without question, the said episode is one of the most action-filled as it featured Trunks trying to outdo Black Goku using his sword as the latter countered the attack using his Rose-Blade technique.

Fortunately for Trunks, Goku and Vegeta returned to the future just in the nick of time as Black Goku was already defeating him. This is where "Dragon Ball Super" episode 63 will pick up as it continues the breathtaking action in the anime.

Allegedly, Goku will coax Vegeta to battle Black Goku and take pride in what he has learned from his trainings. As Vegeta unleashes his Super Saiyan Blue form in all his might, Black Goku will challenge it using his Super Saiyan Rose form.

Apart from the imminent battle between Vegeta and Black Goku, it is also said that the upcoming episode of "Dragon Ball Super" espiode 63 will also feature Zamasu breaking the Mafuba jar that Goku and his team plan to use against Black Goku and Zamasu.

As if breaking the Mafuba jar were not enough, it is also said that the upcoming episode will feature Zamasu breaking the time machine, too. If this really happens, it goes without saying that Goku and his friends are in hot waters as they can no longer return to the present time.

Who will emerge victorious between Vegeta and Black Goku? Is there still a chance for Goku and friends to fix and eventually use the Mafuba jar against Zamasu and Black Goku? Can the time machine still be fixed?

Find out when "Dragon Ball Super" episode 63 airs this Sunday, Oct. 23, over Fuji TV at 9 in the morning, Japan time.

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