'Dragon Ball Super' episode 69 rumors: Omni King demands for another multiverse tournament

(Facebook/Dragon Ball Super)Rumors claim that the Omni King will demand for another multiverse tournament in "Dragon Ball Super" episode 69.

The Omni King Zeno and Goku will meet anew in the upcoming episode 69 of "Dragon Ball Super" as the former returns to the past and demands for another multiverse tournament, which is suspected to be participated by Gohan, Goku, and Arale.

According to reports, the upcoming episode 69 of "Dragon Ball Super" will feature the Omni King Zeno going back to the past timeline and meeting Goku to inform him that he and his new friend want to witness another multiverse tournament. As the two are discussing the tournament, though, Arale shows up and eventually expresses her desire to fight the strongest.

When Goku asks her if she is willing to take part in the tournament, Arale confidently nods but stresses her desire to fight Goku right there and then. However, Goku tells her that he will see her again after he has talked to Gohan about the planned multiverse tournament.

Meanwhile, other sources claim that "Dragon Ball Super" episode 69 will feature Goku attending the World Inventions Awards. In the said event, Senbei will receive the award for being the most genius inventor, while Dr. Mashirito will launch an attack because he has not been invited to the said event.

It is also said that Goku will, indeed, fight Arale in the said event as it is his duty as the guard of Dr. Slump to fight in behalf of his boss. Reportedly, because of the battle between the two, earth will be endangered anew.

After battling Arale in episode 69, rumors claim that Goku will engage in another battle in "Dragon Ball Super" episode 70. This time, though, he will be facing Champa in a baseball-like tournament that will feature a battle of lights. Reportedly, Goku will win this battle with the help of his team.

"Dragon Ball Super" episode 69 airs over Fuji TV this Sunday, Dec. 4, while episode 70 will air the next Sunday, Dec. 11.

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