Easter-themed picture books — teaching kids about Easter

(Wikimedia Commons/pisanki)Decorated eggs for Easter

When people talk about Easter, children will initially think about egg hunts, candies and bunnies. However, to Christian adults, Easter is so much more than the commercialized version of it. It is a momentous day in the Lenten Season. It marks the victory of Jesus over sin and death.

Explaining the spiritual meaning of Easter to young children can be quite difficult to do, but reading picture books is a much better way to teach them an important lesson. The illustrations can provide better visualization of the story.

Here are some Easter-themed picture books that can be read to children this Lenten season:

"Baby Wren and the Great Gift"

Written by Sally Lloyd-Jones and illustrated by Jen Corace, this is a story about a baby wren who is admiring the beauty and abilities of the creatures around her. She is wondering, "What can I do that's wonderful?" This book teaches children how to appreciate their own God-given talents and how to worship Him through these gifts.

"The Biggest Story"

This 10-chapter book vividly illustrates key messages and events in the bible. This book leads children to understand the battle between the snake (evil) and the snake crusher (good). It was written by Kevin DeYoung and illustrated by Don Clark. 

"The Donkey Who Carried a King"

This book from author R.C. Sproul and illustrator Chuck Groenink, was published in 2012 but it never fails to fascinate the hearts of its readers. It teaches lessons about humility, love and serving others. It is a story of a lonely young boy who was is being comforted by his grandfather with a story of a donkey. The young donkey is the one who carried Jesus on Palm Sunday. The book includes interactive questions and passages about Jesus' sacrifice on the cross.

"The Story of Easter"

This picture book, which was written by Patricia A. Pingry and illustrated by Rebecca Thornburgh, tells the story of Easter in 200 simple words. It is easy to understand and has vibrant illustrations.

"The Beginner's Bible: The Very First of Easter"

Author: Pulley, Kelly; Illustrator: Pulley, Kelly

This book from author Catherine DeVries and illustrator Kelly Pulley tells the story of Jesus' death and resurrection with the use of simple words and colorful pictures. It teaches children to appreciate Easter and the gift of salvation. 

Reading these books can teach children how to appreciate Easter in a new light.

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