Ecumenical Heads Congratulate Obama on Peace Prize

The heads of world ecumenical bodies gave congratulations to U.S. President Barack Obama on his reception last week of the Nobel Peace Prize, noting the award as a "call and encouragement" to the president in his efforts towards international peace.

"The Nobel committee's decision honors you as a statesman who demonstrates a deep commitment to the cause of peace with justice, and hope for a transformation in this world," said Rev. Dr. Samuel Kobia, General Secretary of the World Council of Churches (WCC). "This quality of yours was eloquently recognized by the Nobel committee when it stated that only very rarely has a person captured the world's attention to the extent that you have done already, and given the world's people hope for a better future."

Kobia commended the president on several of his recent diplomatic moves including Obama's endorsement of the U.N.'s nuclear non-proliferation resolution, his stance against global warming, as well as commitment to Middle Eastern peace.

"Your initiatives for promoting a new ethos and values in international relations based on a diplomacy of mutual recognition and shared responsibilities are vital in our contemporary situation," Kobia continued. "I am confident that the decision of the Nobel committee to confer this year's peace prize upon you will go a long way toward accelerating your relentless efforts to contribute to peace."

Also offering praise for Obama's achievement was Setri Nyomi, general secretary of the World Alliance of Reformed Churches, who noted the president as being the "right choice" for the award.

"[The WARC] thank God for the wisdom you continue to exhibit in navigating the complex issues of your nation and of the world-seeking peace, seeking justice and seeking the welfare of all," wrote Nyomi, who's organization represents an estimated 75 million Christians.

"In celebrating your award, WARC recognizes the challenges which will confront you throughout your mandate as President of the United States of America," he continued. "You are in the prayers of the ecumenical movement in your work of peace and reconciliation."

"May the blessings of God's grace attend you each and every day."

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