Ecumenicals Call Tanzanian Government for More Transparency

The Tanzania Ecumenical Dialogue Group (TEDG) in a statement called the Tanzanian government to not sign the Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs) with Europe before know shortcomings are discussed and solved.

Main concerns of the group lacking transparency and understanding for the gross of Tanzanian people, who should be informed and involved. Especially the prohibition of using certain export and import restriction instruments for the government will limit the ability to avoid shortages of food in the future as well as surges of food import, which could undermine local food production.

TEDG addressed these issues in its statement and call for not not signing the agreements yet. "In the face of the above facts, we call upon the Tanzanian government and EAC member states not to sign EPA unless development cooperation becomes an integral part of the Agreement, and additional funds are provided to address supply constraints," concluded the statement.

TEDG is an ecumenical body working under the Christian Council of Tanzania (CCT) and the Tanzanian Episcopal Conference (TEC).

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