Eminem new album 2016 release date: new album coming this year?

(Twitter/Marshall Mathers)

While big names in the music industry like Drake, Rihanna, and Kanye West are on their way to releasing their new albums for this year, Eminem is still tight-lip if he has plans to jump into the competition anytime soon.

The world-famous rapper confirmed that recording sessions for his next studio album has already begun. However, this came after his said interview with Hot 97 presenter Peter Rosenberg back in 2012.

"I'm kinda getting into my next record a little bit," he explained (via Rolling Stone). And the 2016 may just be the year his fans would finally get what they have been waiting from him.

According to Gazette Review, he is spending so much time in the studio these days. Earlier last year, he dropped new songs titled "Phenomenal" and "Kings Never Die" that are coming from the "Southpaw" soundtrack. "Southpaw" is a 2015 sports drama film starring Jake Gylenhaal.

But a recent update may just break "Rap God" fans. Eminem's D12 groupmate Denaun Porter, in his interview with Conspiracy Worldwide, revealed that a new album is not in Eminem's plan for this year.

"I don't think so. Em doesn't work like that. He's gotta feel that there's things to talk about and things to say. I mean, he's working on some other things that I know of. He's working on a Slaughterhouse project that's gotta come out. Yelawolf's album's out and it's super duper dope," he said.

His recent endeavor involves supporting a bottled water company AQUAhydrate in their effort to help Flint residents after the city's lead poisoning scandal. The rapper took it to Twitter about this, writing, "Proud to support efforts of AQUAhydrate in the million bottle water donation for people in Flint. More to come."

Apart from this, he is also going through a rough patch with his family. His sister-in-law, Dawn Scott, was found dead on Jan. 19 due to alleged heroine overdose. Scott is the biological mother of Eminem's adopted daughter Alaina Scott.

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