Faith on the move: Christian movements extending help to South Florida

(Reuters/Zachary Fagenson)Law enforcement walk outside a terminal after a shooter opened fire at a baggage carousel at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport in Florida, January 6, 2017.

Christian movements continue to extend support to the citizens of Broward County, South Florida, even after their tremendous assistance to the victims of the shooting crisis last January.

The shooting incident occurred on Jan. 6 at the baggage claim area of Fort Lauderdale airport in South Florida. Five were killed and six were injured.

The suspect, Esteban Santiago, 26, faces 22 criminal counts, according to a report by Reuters.

Christianity Today recently interviewed three church leaders involved in the charity works in South Florida. The leaders — Edwin Copeland, director of Church United; Rob Hoskins, president of One Hope; and Alan Platt, founder and leader of Doxa Deo and City Changers Movement — opened up about their interest in reaching out to the people and their ground works in the locality.

Hoskins said, "We're seeing churches rising up to say, 'How do we unify not just around our theology for the sake of unity, but for the sake of mission?'"

Copeland told Christianity Today, "We want to see churches become the first responders to the tangible needs of our city to demonstrate the heart of God and to demonstrate the reality of the gospel to the watching world."

He added, "Because we don't just value unity for unity's sake, but unity for the sake of mission, we asked, 'What would it look like to mobilize the Church and to ask how we can best physically and tangibly respond to this brokenness?' Within 48 hours, we decided to pay for the medical bills of all 54 people who were affected by the tragedy."

Platt added that they are happy with the outcome of their consolidated efforts during the crisis. He also mentioned that they are looking for ways to transform the area, and to extend help in the long-term.

Church United is a consolidated movement of more than 50 churches across Broward County in South Florida. The movement has extended immediate medical and financial assistance to the victims (and their families) of the tragic shooting incident at Fort Lauderdale airport. It is continually giving support to the local community.


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