'Fear the Walking Dead' season 2 news: 'zombie water action' next season, promises co-creator Robert Kirkman

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"The Walking Dead" spinoff  "Fear the Walking Dead" has the distinction of garnering about 10.1 million viewers when it debuted in August. However, the show never reached the phenomenal numbers of its predecessor. But that was to be expected as the show had a different pace and focused more on how the zombie apocalypse unfolded while Rick Grimes was in a coma. And that story will continue in "Fear the Walking Dead's" second season.

"Fear the Walking Dead" had a total of six episodes during its first season run and it ended with the main characters trying to escape a Los Angeles already lost to the walkers. The mysterious Strand offers them refuge at his mansion near the sea and reveals to them his plans to weather the zombie apocalypse on his yacht, "Abigail."

This development has led fans to wonder if season two will be shot at sea. "The Walking Dead" creator Robert Kirkman has confirmed that some scenes will indeed be shot on water.

Kirkman talked more about the zombie on the high seas scenario during the just held New York Comic-con.

The 36-year-old comic book writer revealed that season two will pick up right where season one of "Fear the Walking Dead" ended and said that "there's definitely some zombie water action coming up." And if Kirkman is to be believed, this alleged seafaring adventure will be what sets "Fear the Walking Dead" apart from "The Walking Dead."

One question that fans have always wondered about is why the survivors of the zombie apocalypse never headed to the sea as it might be safer there than on land. But Kirkman doesn't hold this view and teases that "Fear the Walking Dead's" season two will explain this to viewers.

Aside from exploring the safety of the sea during the zombie apocalypse, Kirkman also said that the show will delve deeper into what changes an ordinary person will undergo during the apocalypse.

The "Rise of the Governor" writer gave Glenn (Steven Yeun) as an example and wondered about how a pizza delivery boy transformed and became the group's go-to guy when it comes to supply runs. It bears noting that Travis (Cliff Curtis) has already started to change during the course of season one.

No date has been set for season two of "Fear the Walking Dead" but it's been reported that the producers are aiming for a June 2016 release.

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