'Final Fantasy 15' news: Special Adamantoise boss fight is lengthy, but not absurdly so

(Facebook courtesy of Final Fantasy XV)The Adamantoise, one of the optional bosses in 'Final Fantasy 15'

The "Final Fantasy" franchise is famous for trotting out overwhelming bosses, but it looks like developers really outdid themselves when it came to "Final Fantasy 15's" Adamantoise, or at least that seemed to be the case.

First, a little background on the Adamantoise is in order.

Earlier installments of the franchise already featured this particular beast, but it was just a normal - though remarkably durable - enemy back then. 

Developers then teased a supersized version of the Adamantoise for the new role-playing game, and it supposedly came complete with an insane amount of hit points.

There were rumblings that defeating the Adamantoise could take as long as 72 real-time hours, while a Square Portal report that featured highlights of an earlier Hajime Tabata interview put forth a more reasonable battle time, with the director apparently noting that the fight would take around 15 hours.

A single fight taking that long still seems absurd, but it certainly appears to be more manageable.

Now, it looks like the Adamantoise encounters in "Final Fantasy 15" may not have to go on for either 72 or even 15 hours, at least according to one gamer's attempt at defeating the mighty creature.

A new video from the YouTube channel "PowerPyx" shows that the epic encounter can actually be finished in under an hour.

Notably, the player did take care to set the characters up properly, so it's not like any unprepared fan can take on the Adamantoise and expect to bring it down that quickly as well.

It looks like the Adamantoise fight in the new game may be similar to the Yiazmat battle in "Final Fantasy 12," at least in terms of total fight time.

One last thing, even though the Adamantoise fight is an optional one, there is a Trophy attached to besting it in battle, so there is a reason to take on this challenge beyond just earning bragging rights.

More news about "Final Fantasy 15" should be made available soon.

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