'Final Fantasy 7 Remake' release news: fans worry if its still a go due to E3 no-show

(Square Enix)Inset is a promotional photo of the main protagonist Cloud Strife for the original "Final Fantasy VII" which is now available for Android devices.

It's a known fact that Square Enix's classic title, "Final Fantasy VII Remake," was not heard from at this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3). This made expectant fans feel a bit worried that the game developer might have scrapped the idea of the game's remake, hence the absence in the said event.

Nonetheless, game designer Tetsuya Nomura assured these fans and said that "Final Fantasy VII Remake" is moving at a steady pace and added that they are still in their first stages of development.

Moreover, Yoshinori Kitase, game director of the original "Final Fantasy VII," wrote a blog post on Square Enix's website late last year about the title's much-awaited remake.

Kitase mentioned that he previously kept on getting the same questions as to when they would recreate "Final Fantasy VII," and in return, he also kept on giving the same answers. Since he made the game's earliest version, he even asked himself if he was still up to the challenge of spending several years in rebooting the PlayStation classic.

Kitase explains that with the remake, aside from the game's main story, his team will finally have the chance to expand the game by adding different elements to it. He also mentioned that it would be subdivided into several full-length games.

This piece of news received mixed reactions from the fans. Kitase explained that in dividing the original game up, they would be releasing a more precise version of "Final Fantasy VII" since compressing it into one title will result in scrapping various key elements and storylines of the game and it would end up being nothing more than just a remastered version.

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There's no definite date yet as to when it will be released. However, fans will just have to make do with the recently released "Final Fantasy VII" game for Android.

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