Five bedtime prayer for kids

(Pixabay/Jaime Wiebel)Child praying over her Bible.

The promise of a bedtime rest is a welcome respite after an active day and many children look forward to snuggling in their bed to prepare them for another fun day of play. However, peaceful sleep may not come easy, especially for kids who have great imagination and creativity. The environment surrounding them can be a factor on this. Oftentimes, darkness equates to unspoken terror for the children's minds and it is up to the parents and guardians to help them overcome this.

Children may not be able to fight off the things they create in their minds, but parents can help put them at ease by going through some of these prayers together before they sleep. The promise of protection and safety from the Father will help soothe their nerves and nod them off to dreamland in no time.

1. A Child's Prayer for Protection

A common fear among children at night is the dark, but this prayer offers a promise of peace and confidence in God's presence as one goes to sleep.

I won't fret and I won't worry.
Instead I'll hurry to pray.
I'll turn my problems into petitions and lift my hands in praise.
I'll say goodbye to all my fears.
Although I may not understand
I feel God's presence in me.

2. Jesus, Tender Shepherd

There is nothing sweeter to a child than the knowledge that Someone is there to protect him as he dozes off and the assurance that the Father will tend to his needs when he wakes up. This prayer teaches children to confess their sins and ask for forgiveness in a manner that will lead them to experience God's grace in their lives.

Jesus, tender Shepherd, hear me:
Bless Thy little child to-night;
Through the darkness be Thou near me,
Keep me safe till morning light.

For the rest of the prayer, you may check it out on this link.

3. The Day Is Done

All days must come to an end but God's love for His children does not. This prayer is a hope for the little ones that God's presence is enough to keep of dangers and fears that may haunt him in the night and he can sleep in peace for His Savior never sleeps.

The day is done;
O God the Son,
Look down upon
They little one!

O Light of Light,
Keep me this night,
And shed round me
Thy presence bright.

I need not fear
If Thou art near;
Thou art my Savior
Kind and dear.

4. Bedtime Prayer

Nothing beats a thankful heart, and this prayer is a good reminder to your child that the Father is the source of all that he enjoys throughout the day. Saying this together with your children not only plant seeds of gratefulness and rightful attribution of glory to the Father; it also helps them understand humility in asking and praying for their daily needs.

Now, I lay me down to rest
I thank the Lord; my life is blessed
I have my family and my home
And freedom, should I choose to roam.

My days are filled with skies of blue
My nights are filled with sweet dreams, too
I've no reason to beg or plead
I have been given all I need.

You may see the rest of the prayer here.

5. Lord, I Have Passed Another Day

Children may feel sad as another day ends, but this prayer gives them a new sense of hope, grace and provision to look forward to before they head to sleep.

Lord, I have passed another day
And come to thank Thee for Thy care.
Forgive my faults in work or play
And listen to my evening prayer. 

Thy favor gives me daily bread
And friends, who all my wants supply;
And safely now I rest my head,
Preserved and guarded by Thine eye. 

Not only will praying with them teach them to understand the importance of seeking the Lord at the end of the day; it will also be a good bonding moment for you and your child before both of you end the night.

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