Flappy Bird game online: More than 864 clones available

(Photo: Flappy Bird)Gameplay from the "Flappy Bird" video game is seen in a screenshot.

Vietnamese developer Dong Nguyen's version of Flappy Bird was short-lived after he removed his engaging game 12 days after becoming the most popular app in the Google Play store.

Since then, game makers have rushed to make Flappy Bird clones based on the original version, resulting in hundreds of versions becoming available.

A company called Zedge, which analyzes data from the Google Play store, found that since February 24, at least 864 Flappy Bird clones have been made available, according to online publication Digital Trends.

The imitations continued to increase in number when Nguyen pulled out the game from App Stores. Since Nguyen's announcement on February 8, 729 of the 864 clones have been launched. At its peak there were 70 Flappy Bird clones being released each day day, the publication said.

Zedge said that 24 percent of the 864 clone versions discovered had perfect ratings. Some clones have high ratings, while other are rated quite low.

Among the most popular versions in Google Play's "Top Free in Games" category are the following

Clumsy Bird

The game allows users to customize the clothing worn by the bird with different hats, coats and other accessories. The bird dodges tree trunk obstacles. The game has a 4-star rating with more than 440,000 votes.

Splashy Fish

Featuring a swimming "bird fish," users can avoid obstacles and find treasures and trophies, gaining more and more points. The game has a 3.7 average rating with more than 47,000 votes.

Flappy Wings

A bird flies through various colored walls catching spinning coins. It features multiple backgrounds and a catchy soundtrack. It has a 4.5-star average rating with more than 6,400 votes.

Floppy Bird Pro

This "very similar" clone lets you win medals of increasing difficulty (bronze, silver, gold and platinum). The game has a 4.0 average rating with over 9,300 votes.

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