'Frozen 2' Plot, Movie Update, Spoilers, Rumors: will Elsa come out in confirmed sequel? original cast, Idina Menzel and Kristen Bell returning?


It's probably safe to say that the most memorable movie release of 2013 was undeniably Disney's "Frozen". Given the movie's success, it is not surprising that rumors of a sequel are no longer just speculations.

Fans can rest easy since the release of "Frozen 2" has already been confirmed with original cast, Idina Menzel and Kristen Bell signing on to reprise their career defining roles.

The announcement has given way to a multitude of fan theories about what the second installment would be about. Among all the speculations, it is rumored that a new villain will be introduced. The rumored nemesis of Elsa is said to have powers opposite of what the Snow Queen possess, with fans claiming that he or she would have the ability to control fire.

Another speculation is the possibility that Elsa will finally get a love interest in the next film.

But probably the most persistent and controversial plot speculation is Elsa coming out in the second movie.

While "Frozen" has been praised and actually awarded because of its music, it has also been acclaimed by feminists who view it as a refreshing change from Disney's formulaic princess-prince love affairs.

In her recent post, feminist blogger Kathryn Skaggs tries to uncover the allusions to Elsa's homosexuality by the first film.

"Elsa is devastatingly lonely and depressed being forced to live a life of isolation, believing her powers to be evil. Her sister, kept from the truth, and affected by the inflicted secrecy also becomes victim to the dysfunction of her family and experiences equal isolation and confusion: not 'coming out' and being who you are meant to be (acting on the power) is harmful to the person, family and society."

While it would be progressive to finally have a lesbian Disney character, reports claim this to be highly unlikely with iDigitalTime.com saying:

"Disney can't risk alienating part of their audience. And while support for gay marriage is way up and the country is overall more tolerant of LGBT things than it used to be, that is not a universally held sentiment."

None of the speculations have been confirmed, though Disney is targeting to release "Frozen 2" by 2018.

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