'God of War 4' release date and rumors: Kratos to go up against the Norse gods? Sony hiring 50 game creators for unnamed project

(YouTube screenshot)Kratos will reportedly go up against the Norse gods in "God of War 4."

There's a long list of games that fans are eagerly waiting for and whose existence is constant fodder for the rumor mill. One of the games on that list is "God of War."

There have been reports that the fourth installation of the popular PlayStation title is already being developed but will feature a different protagonist.

The news that "God of War 4" will not be featuring the hard slashing hero, Kratos, seems anathema for some, especially since the Spartan warrior was a perfect foil against the machinations of Zeus and the other Olympians.

While some gamers might not imagine a "God of War" without Kratos, other players seem more than ready to give the hardened warrior a rest. After all, the last game saw Kratos finally defeating the Greek gods. However, what the character's ultimate fate was remained a mystery.

But it seems that Sony's Santa Monica Studio might have found another worthy opponent for Kratos. It has been said that the erstwhile God of War will be going up against the Norse Gods in the game's next iteration.

Reports that "God of War 4" will touch on Norse mythology first surfaced in April when several screen shots showing a bearded Kratos were leaked online. Along with Kratos' new look, several images of concept art and information about the alleged game also made the rounds.

Aside from the rumors that the next "God of War" will be utilizing Norse mythology, the concept art also suggests that Kratos will be visiting Alfheim, the home of the Light Elves and one of the Nine Worlds. There are also descriptions of how Kratos' axe can create bridges and walkways and how the environment would react to the character.

The news that Sony has been looking to hire 50 game creators to work on a still unnamed PlayStation 4 project also bolstered fans' hopes that the company is finally buckling down and working on "God of War 4."

However, it must be made clear that these are all speculations at this point and fans should take every information about "God of War 4" with a grain of salt.

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