Google Allo release date update: Messaging app to drop soon as rave reviews pour in

(Google)Google's messaging app, Allo, has been getting rave reviews.

Google's new messaging application, Allo, has been grabbing tech headlines recently. The app is already available on the Google Play Store and it's been getting rave reviews left and right. Its appearance in the store may be an signal that an official release may be follow soon.

For those who are unaware, Google announced its plans for the messaging app earlier in the year. It was unveiled alongside the Google Assistant. It recently became available on the Google Play Store, but only those who have pre-registered to test the app will be able to access it. 

But what is perhaps worth noting is that Allo has been getting a lot of good feedback. According to SEJ, it earned a rating of 4.8 stars out of 5, which is nothing short of impressive, especially considering that the app has not even been officially released to the public yet. The positive reviews are undoubtedly bringing a lot of excitement into the tech community.

So what does Allo have to offer? Since it is primarily a messaging app, users can chat or instant message their friends like one would do on other platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Viber. If there's no one to talk to, users can chat with the Google Assistant.

Other features are quite incredible as well. There's the Smart Reply, which picks up on the user's communication style and allows for it to recommend responses. This way, users can simply select a recommended response without all the hassle of having to type everything. Another feature is Ink, which lets users write or draw on photos before sending them. Other features include Whisper Shout, which changes the text size in place of the caps lock, and Incognito Mode, which gives users more privacy via private notifications and messages that are timed to disappear. Stickers, which have become quite popular, are also a part of the messaging app.

As for the release date, Google has yet to announce one for Allo, but it is believed that it will arrive soon enough.

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