GoPro Hero 5 release date, specs rumors: October launch still expected

(GoPro official website)Official product image of the GoPro Hero 4

More than three months into 2016 and an official release date for the GoPro Hero 5 is still unknown.

Official details regarding the device have been difficult to come by since the end of the company's conference call in February and that has served to cloud the fate of the camera even further.

Still, even with the lack of any official announcements from GoPro, the new camera is still expected to make its debut sometime later this year.

Rumors have not put forth an exact release date for the new camera, but the chatter still suggests that the Hero 5 will finally be made available sometime in October.

In the absence of an official announcement from GoPro, the October timeline for the Hero 5 may have to do for now, though more news may be released later on as the year progresses.

Rumors have also worked to give folks an idea of what they can expect from the new camera.

Among the most notable, rumored features of the new camera is the capability to shoot 8K videos. Should the Hero 5 really end up with 8K video capabilities, then that could put it significantly ahead of some of its competitors.

The new camera might also be sporting a different brand of processor from the one that was used by its predecessors.

According to CNet, the additional functionalities of Qualcomm's new Snapdragon offerings might make it a better choice for the Hero 5, though at this point, the notion that the new camera will sport anything other than Ambarella brand processors is still unconfirmed. 

Unfortunately, with still so many things yet to be revealed about the new camera, it may be a while before people get a better idea of what they can look forward to.

More news about the GoPro Hero 5 should be made available later this year.

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