'GTA 4' patch news, updates: Rockstar launches latest patch for 'GTA 4'

After years of waiting and hoping, players of "Grand Theft Auto 4" (GTA 4) were surprised by Rockstar Games with a new patch. Although many believed that the 8-year-old title will never be getting any updates, the developers announced a rather significant update for the PC version.

(Facebook/GTA V)"GTA 4" Patch 8 supports Windows 8, 8.1, and 10.

Last Wednesday, Rockstar Games announced that the latest patch for "GTA 4," which is called Patch 8, introduces support for Windows 8, 8.1, and 10. The latest operating systems are quite widespread; hence, Rockstar released a new patch for those who have upgraded their systems. With the patch's release, players who have any of the three Windows OS will now be able to run and enjoy "GTA 4."

The changelog for Patch 8 indicates that the title will now broadcast "WT V270" to notify that the PC is having problems connecting to Windows Live Sign in Assistant or Games for Windows Live Servers. The latest patch also comes with a Display Controller image in the Controller Configuration.

Furthermore, the latest update contains a few fixes and bugs to permanently correct the glitches affecting the gameplay experience. Rockstar has gone through gamers' feedback and complaints to make the latest fix possible.

Reports say that a particular bug in "GTA 4" restricts players from completing the "Out of Commission" mission. Now, Rockstar has taken care of that bug and players need not worry about it. Another bug that was removed in the latest patch was the one that affects the "Resource Use" indicator on over 2 GB of VRAM graphics cards.

The patch doesn't really add new features or gameplay, but gamers are impressed by the developers, since they still cared to make the gaming experience for players of "GTA 4" a happy one. It's been six years since the developers launched the previous patch for the title.

The latest title in the video game series is "GTA 5," which launched in 2013. A sequel has yet to be released by Rockstar Games.

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