GTA 6 rumors: GTA fans release wish list for potential sequel

PHOTO: Rockstar Games Official Website

Fans are surely excited for the next installment of the highly popular Grand Theft Auto series, as with all successful video game franchises. The most recent game Grand Theft Auto V was released to almost universal critical acclaim and broke sales records everywhere. The game was praised for its open world setting, multiple lead character system, and the heist mission design. Thanks to technical advancements previously unavailable to its predecessors, GTA V reduced loading times, had better graphics, and improved weather and lighting effects.

Despite all these improvements, the game still had its flaws. The release of the multiplayer component of the game was met with server issues where players could not connect to the game servers, or experienced technical difficulties that froze the game. These issues, while understandable due to the large number of players, can certainly be looked upon and studied so as to prevent them from reoccurring in the future.

Rockstar Games is certainly responsive to such issues and should learn from these mistakes for the eventual launch of GTA VI. Though the next installment is still a long ways away, fans are already excited for a potential sequel and have released a wishlist for the developers, as posted in this article at The Fuse Joplin.

One of the more interesting requests is the use of more realistic cars or the straight up usage of real-life cars. This is certainly interesting news for car companies as the marketing potential is very high given the popularity of the game and the way vehicles are integral to the game. It could be a good way to showcase cars that are slated for release in the near future, and could potentially be added on a regular basis through content patch updates.

Other requests include the ability to customize houses, more side jobs, and more vehicle variety.

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