'GTA 6' news: female protagonist to shake things up

(Rockstar Games/Official Website)Grand Theft Auto 6 could arrive in 2018 with female protagonist

With "Grand Theft Auto V" keeping gamers' interest levels in the series high, a lot of attention is being focused on the next installment. So far, the next installment in the series has been dubbed "Grand Theft Auto 6" and recently, a smattering of information about it leaked and revealed that it could have a female lead.

The existence of a female lead in "GTA 6" was reported by Express, which states that actress Eva Mendes is being considered for the role and is close to inking a deal related to it. If this particular information about a female lead is true, it could be a welcomed change in the gaming franchise. However, it is not a major surprise as many other games have also been focusing on female protagonists and the idea of using them is no longer considered to be very risky to a big budget game.

Additionally, Rockstar Games, the developer, has already begun hinting at the inclusion of a female protagonist. Dan House, one of its co-founders, even went so far as to state that they would consider using a female protagonist as soon as they identified a suitable game for one. As for the male characters in "GTA 6," there are rumors that Ryan Gosling would be roped in to star opposite Mendes.

As for the current status of "GTA 6," Rockstar Games has not provided any official information about it but if rumors are to be believed, it appears that a huge map is being created for it. The map is thought to be in the shape of the United States, and even though it is expected to be filled with fictional locations, it has already managed to pique the interest of gamers.

The other rumors about "GTA 6" have focused on the game's release and all indications point to an arrival in 2018. While 2018 is a still a while away, fans have been busy with "Grand Theft Auto V." More importantly, a DLC titled "Executives & Other Criminals" was released recently for the online version of the game, which came with a super yacht.

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