H1Z1 Early Access release date nears for PC version, but no PS4 launch this year

(Photo: FACEBOOK / H1Z1 Community)Open world survival zombie game H1Z1 getting full blown weather system.

Sony Online Entertainment has yet to announce the exact date of release of H1Z1 Early Access Alpha on Steam.

The massively multiplayer game is still in the development stage, but updates have surfaced suggesting that the launch of the alpha edition is nearing.

The developers are working double time to create an extremely challenging set-up that would demand players to think and strategize to create shelters and weapons of their own.

Recent reports noted that H1Z1 will integrate a weather system where there is a possibility of fighting for survival amid a snowy environment.

In an interview with Gaming Bolt, Adam Clegg explained more about the weather system that they will introduce in H1Z1:

"Our weather system is dynamic; it comes and goes as like a normal weather system does. What makes it different is it actually affects you. We are not just putting the rain in the game because it looks cool, we are putting rain in the game because we want it to put out camp fires. We wanted to make you cold, we want to make sure that when rain comes you're actually aware of it and you're going try to survive."

When asked about the release of the PS4 version, Clegg's response ough to break the hearts of PlayStation 4 owners:

"As far as the PS4 version is concerned we are actually concentrating on the PC release. No one in the development team is working on the PS4 [version] and we are focused 100% on PC, for now."

Meanwhile, Shaun Johnston, one of the senior animators on the H1Z1 team, and "the man who taught the zombies how to walk," shared what his favorite zombie movie is:

"That would definitely have to be The Return of the Living Dead. Not only is it creepy and scary, but really funny as well. The best parts of the movie in my opinion are the split-dog anatomy display returned to life, whimpering in pain and panting."

H1Z1 is working closely together not only as a team, but with the players as well.

In fact, they have launched a Reddit Community where they gather feedback and interact with those interested in the game.

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