'Half Life 3' release date: VR-ready game rumored to release on franchise's 20th anniversary in 2018

(Valve Software)"Half Life 2" (pictured) is the predecessor of the rumored "Half Life 3."

Fans have been waiting for an official release date to be announced for "Half Life 3." And even though the game has not been confirmed by Valve, rumor has it that the game has been delayed all the way to 2018. But there may be a reason for the date being pushed back as reports say that 2018 happens to be the game's 20th anniversary.

Rumors have been widespread that the awaited sequel to "Half Life 2" may have suffered a massive delay with no reason being pointed out. However, it looks like the reason is all too clear now since the 20th anniversary of the franchise happens to fall in the same year. Releasing the highly anticipated game to commemorate the franchise's longevity would certainly make sense and might even bring some tears to a few eyes.

However, since the rumor has not been confirmed nor has Valve spoken out on the existence of the said game, fans should take this news with a grain of salt to avoid getting disappointed.

Another rumor surrounding the game has to do with the rapidly evolving gaming industry. With the introduction of virtual reality (VR) as a bankable investment, it is widely believed that "Half Life 3" may adopt the same format. Companies left and right have been announcing and releasing VR headgears. In a fast-changing industry, it is almost a requirement that gaming studios acclimate to the environment.

One more explanation as to why the 2018 release date seems believable is because of this very reason. Virtual reality is not yet a staple in the industry, which means Valve may be buying time until it becomes one before they release "Half Life 3." At this point, a VR-ready "Half Life 3" is definitely a go as reports claim that HTC has agreed to collaborate with Valve for the title's gameplay.

More news and updates should arrive soon.

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