'Half-Life 3' rumor: Game to be announced in E3 this June


The hope for "Half-Life 3" is still strong in the gamer community. Since the release of "Half-Life 2" back in 2004, gamers are still hoping for a sign or announcement about the game. Rumors are circulating that it might be revealed in this upcoming E3 in June. No official announcement has been made yet, especially from Valve, the developer of the game.

Other rumors also suggest that the game will be VR compatible and that it has started development since 2009. No matter how the industry keeps feeding the public rumor after rumor, as long as the developers aren't teasing or mentioning an upcoming project, the game might highly be dead in the water and most probably the game will just be coming from a die-hard fan or the indie game community to make a "Half-Life 3" version of a game, just to close the story that has been very compelling.

In related news, J.J. Abrams, the director behind the recent "Star Wars" movie, is still optimistic and has reassured fans that the movie about "Half-Life" is still happening. In an IGN interview with the director, he said:

"Not yet but they're in development. And we've got writers and we're working on both those stories. But nothing that would be an exciting update."

This is still promising news of development that fans and gamers want to hear. This may not be the game gamers are looking for, but it's a treat to see a small step to progression especially that the movie will be taking Gabe Newell's suggestions. Who knows, maybe the movie will be a stepping stone for the game and may provide the inspiration Gabe needs to finish such an epic game.

For those unfamiliar, "Half-Life" follows the story of Gordon Freeman who has to save the planet from an alien invasion initiated by the G-Man because of an experiment on teleportation gone wrong. This resulted in a portal to another dimension that led to the invasion.

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