'House of Cards' season 4 news: Why it is not available on Netflix for other countries

(Official Facebook page)'House of Cards' season 4 poster

Fans of the hit series "House of Cards" are outraged that the series is not available on Netflix for some countries around the world.

While most Netflix users around the world benefit from the plentiful shows available on the live-streaming site, it was revealed that there are still some geographical copyright restrictions. Fans of the series have been questioning Netflix, which has the vision to make content available globally.

Since the release of "House of Cards" season 4, fans from Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Hong Kong, Turkey, and most of Africa are among the countries who do not have access to the most recent season of the series. While they have access to the earlier season of "House of Cards," it was revealed that other countries do not even have access to any seasons of the series.

After several complaints from Netflix users, the reason for the unavailability of "House of Cards" on Netflix was finally revealed. It was stated that the absence of the series for other countries is due to licensing issues.

Meanwhile, Netflix recently released a statement to address the problem regarding "House of Cards." It was revealed that the series is facing the same problems as another Netflix Original series, "Orange Is the New Black."

According to Cinema Blend, the statement reads, "Most of our originals content will be available globally. However, with these two earlier shows, we didn't negotiate global licenses to the content and so they've aired on other platforms in the meantime."

Netflix also reassured fans that the series will soon be available in more countries. The company states, "We may get them back in some of our new markets. For example, we have Orange is the New Black available in our new countries in Asia, with the title coming to the Middle East and Africa later this year."

With that, fans can expect to see their favorite series back on Netflix sometime this year.

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