'Hunter X Hunter' Episode 361 release date, rumors, and spoilers: Animated series set to return 2017, will cover 'Dark Continent' arc

(Facebook/HxHMadhouse)The animated series will reportedly return in 2017.

There's hope yet for "Hunter X Hunter" fans. While there's no word yet on when the manga will resume, the series might get picked up for a third season.

The classic manga made a spectacular comeback this year, with fans being treated to Chrollo Lucifer and Hisoko's long-awaited fight. The story arc didn't end well for the murderous Hisoka, but the series is on an indefinite hiatus again, so no one knows what will transpire after episode 361.

As much as fans are in agony over the delay, there's nothing that manga publisher Shueisha can do as series creator Yoshihiro Togashi is once again facing serious health issues. The 50-year-old writer and artist is said to be suffering from debilitating back pain. His health issues were reportedly so serious at one point that there were fears that the manga might have to be canceled, as no one else can come close to capturing the essence of "Hunter X Hunter." 

However, there have been reports that the manga will resume early 2017. While there's no guarantee that a new material will come out next year, fans can still get their "Hunter X Hunter" fix via its animated series.

The series is said to be returning in 2017 as well, with 26 episodes in the docket. However, there's no word on what the season's story arc would be. There have been rumors, though, that season 3 might touch on the "Dark Continent" story arc.

It also appears that Shueisha has found a way to keep the manga going. According to reports, other artists would be filling in for the revered Togashi. The publisher has reportedly hired new blood to aid Togashi, who will still be on board as a consultant. It has also been said that Togashi's wife, Naoko Takeuchi, is developing a new chapter of the manga. Takeuchi is also a well-known figure in manga circles, being the brains behind "Sailor Moon."

More news and updates on "Hunter X Hunter" should arrive soon.

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